Healing Our Divided World – The Path of the Healer

BY Theresa Bullard

In these times of great turmoil and unrest in our world, it has become evermore clear that separation and division only leads to further pain and suffering for all. Recent events have revealed that even in our modern world, the divisive forces of judgment, racism, sexism, greed, fear, power struggles and other old paradigm approaches of control are just as strong as ever. They might have lurked in the shadows for a while, but they have once again come out to confront us head-on.

One thing is for certain, if we continue to resist and retaliate against the current manifestation of these forces, we will only feed them further. But to hide, retreat, or isolate is also not a viable solution, as it will leave the world vulnerable for the taking. Meanwhile, other systems of government, business, and even NGO’s are failing, evidenced by even more poverty, corruption, and abuse around the world than ever.

What can we do to heal this?

The only thing we can truly control is our own inner state of being, the choices we make, and the actions we take as individuals. The good news is that this is where healing our divided world begins – within each individual person and their own life.

Now more than ever, the world needs Healers and people who are dedicated to bringing healing into the world. The good news is that healing our divided world begins with us – within each individual and their own life. Solutions are near at hand!

Ancient wisdom teachings from around the world all say that the outer is a reflection of the inner. The themes we see manifesting in the world outside is a result of those same energies playing out within each of us. To heal the outer, we must heal the inner. As we heal ourselves inwardly, we must then also take this into all the areas we influence the outer world. By bringing that healing energy into our relationships, our homes, our families, our places of work, our communities, and other ways in which we impact those around us, that is how we will come to heal our divided world.

Healing ourselves, Healing our relations, Healing our World

This is what it means to walk the Path of the Healer. A healer is one who heals themselves and then shares that healing with others through their interactions with them. The most healing thing we can do for ourselves and others is to remind each other of our Light, our Innate Divinity, our Goodness and Beauty.

One of the core teachings of the Mystery School tradition is that

“We are Eternal Beings. We have never been born, and therefore we can never die.”

We are of God, Eternal Source. We come from that Source, and the essence of that Source moves in and through us, and indeed, It is us, and we are It. This is what the famous statement declared by God, “I Am That I Am” (in Hebrew: Eheieh Asher Eheieh) really means. When we help to remind ourselves and others that we are “That I Am”, that we are God/dess, that is what brings the most healing, and that is True Service to ourselves, our relations, and our world. If you were truly to see yourself as God/dess and also see others as embodiments of God/dess, then we would more easily recognize the sanctity of life, the miracle it is that we can be in this earthly existence, and we would treat each other with greater honor, nobility, and acceptance.

Healing Your World Begins with You

Discover how you can step onto the Path of the Healer so that you can become a part of the solution to healing our divided world, inwardly and outwardly.