How Do We Heal?

BY Theresa Bullard

Both individually and collectively, we are at a time when much healing is needed in our world. More people are seeking out new solutions to heal themselves and the problems we face today.

With so much that needs to be healed, where does one start? How do we heal? What are some of the essential steps or keys to healing? This article is dedicated to addressing such questions.

What Is Healing?

Healing is when all the pieces in your life come into greater alignment and flow in order to serve you and others in the best way. Healing brings clarity of mind, body, and emotion. Healing frees up anything that might be blocking your path to wholeness, balance, and living a Life of Joy. When healing is needed at a physical level, that means it is also needed at non-physical (emotional, mental, and spiritual) levels as well. The physical is the result, outer manifestation, or reflection of what is happening at unseen levels, deeper within our mind and soul. To Heal is to bring Harmony, Coherence, and Vitality back into your life, both inwardly and outwardly.

What Brings Healing?

Many things can bring healing and usually they start with you seeing yourself more clearly and deeply. When you can recognize how disharmony first came into your life, and what parts of that you are responsible for, then you can be empowered to re-harmonize and correct the imbalances.
One of the most important keys to healing is to realize that all healing is ultimately Self-Healing. Even while you seek out assistance and support from others qualified in the healing arts, YOU must be Ready to Heal, to Transform, and to Let the Healing In. To heal, you must feel empowered to do so; you must see where you can stand in empowerment and take the actions needed that are within your reach. Rather than seeing yourself as a victim to things outside of your control, ask yourself:

  • What do I have control over? What can I change?
  • What choices have I made that contributed to these results that I now seek to heal?
  • What new choices can I make that will help me heal and that will support my life better?
  • What knowledge do I need about myself and my health to shift?
  • What have I not been willing to Accept or Forgive?
  • Am I ready to heal and to make the life changes necessary for my healing?

Yes, self-healing means being accountable for our choices and actions, as well as for our thoughts and the attitude we choose to take regarding our situations in life. While this is ancient knowledge, it is now also being verified, more and more, in the modern science of epigenetics, heart-rate variability, and neurophysiology studies that show our body does respond to our attitudes, thoughts, and life choices. Along with the attitude of being empowered to self-heal, must also come a willingness and dedication to investing yourself in your healing process. Be willing to work for it and proactively pursue your healing. Nothing is more valuable than your own life and well-being, so give yourself permission to be worthy of investing in yourself and in having better quality of life, both inside and out.

Forgiveness & Healing

Forgiveness is another essential key to bringing Healing. Many people misunderstand the role of forgiveness and why it is so important to our healing and wellbeing. What is Forgiveness? Forgiveness is not about condoning wrongs done in the past, but rather it is a letting go of the attachment to what happened, so that you can be free in the present to heal and move on. To not forgive is to hold on to the past and allow it to continue ruling your present and directing your future. Forgiveness is for your sake more so than it is for anyone else’s sake. Forgiveness sets you free.

Some may challenge this notion and ask ‘what does forgiveness have to do with my back problems…or my heart disease…or my cancer…[or fill in any other physical illness]?’ It is a great question, and one way to discover the answer is to get yourself into a comfortable, quiet place, then put one hand on your heart and the other hand on the area of your body that contains the primary illness and ask these questions: What have I not been willing to Accept or Forgive? What pain, attachment, or limitation am I holding in this part of my body? What forgiveness is there for me to do here?

Once you have identified what needs forgiving, the next question is ‘how does one forgive?’ One thing that often helps with forgiveness is to look at what lesson was learned through the trial. How did it enhance your knowledge of self, life, or others? It is often the most difficult and upsetting experiences in life that shape us and become our biggest opportunities for learning and growth. What strengths have you gained as a result of those past wounds? How did it help set you on a course of seeking healing and learning more about the lessons of the heart?

Another key to forgiveness is compassion. Recognizing that each person is doing the best they can under the conditions that they are in.

It is usually the case that their own unhealed wounds clouded their ability to choose a better course of action, and as a result the wounding was propagated to others. It is up to you to choose a different course now, to stop the spreading of hurt, pain, and sorrow, and to instead forgive and let go of the past so that it does not continue to rule the future. The more you hold on to hurt, the more you allow your abusers of the past to continue abusing you within your psyche. Take your power back by forgiving and moving on! Forgiveness doesn’t mean you will forget, or that the pain will disappear forever, or that the lesson that experience delivered you will be lost. But it does mean that you choose to no longer let it be your story or reason for why you aren’t living a happier, healthier life moving forward. When you forgive, that is when you have finally truly learned the lesson and can now move onwards and heal, rather than continuing to repeat it or hold on to it.

The Heart of Healing

All healing comes from being heart-centered. The heart is the great mediator and transformer. It pumps the energy, blood, and DNA throughout your entire body. The heart is not only a pump, it is also a generator of the strongest electromagnetic field in your body – far stronger than that generated by the brain. When your life-blood passes through your heart, what is it being charged with? Is your heart carrying around a burden of pain, hurt, sadness, bitterness, anger, hatred, and attachment to past wounds? Or is it full of Joy, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Compassion, Empathy, Love, Self-Care, Nurturing, and recognizing the Beauty in all things (even those we might want to label as ugly or undesirable)? The more we can embrace a practice of cultivating the positive qualities of the heart-centered life, the more we will find healing in our lives, and also be a conduit of healing for others.

In the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah, this heart-centered awareness is based in the very center of the Tree of Life, in a realm called Tiphareth, which means Beauty. Tiphareth is the great mediator and transformer on the Tree of Life. Through it, things are healed and brought back into balance and harmony. The Archangel associated with Tiphareth is Archangel Raphael, whose name translates to the “Healing of God”. Raphael and his ministering angels help give us the strength to see the whole of ourselves and to heal our shadow-side and wounds at any level, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Raphael helps us to see the Beauty within us, so we can accept ourselves and be willing to more fully shine our good qualities into the world. Raphael also helps us to let go of that which no longer serves us, and to surrender to the transformational process that ultimately brings Grace, Healing, and Beauty back into our life.

In the lineage of King Salomon, one of the greatest Kabbalists of all time, and through the advanced training offered by the Modern Mystery School, we have many powerful and sacred modalities that can facilitate your journey of healing. One of these is an immersion experience called the Raphael Healing Temple. This Temple involves a process of calling down a celestial temple from the angelic realms into whatever space we designate as our healing temple. It was given to King Salomon directly by Archangel Raphael, to support the healing needs of his traveling priests, priestesses, and warriors. And this method has been preserved and handed down through the mystery school lineage for thousands of years so that we can still benefit from it today.

In the Raphael Healing Temple, we have an amazing opportunity to work directly with Archangel Raphael and the angels who administer the Healing Light of God. Offered as a day-long immersion and healing intensive, through it you will learn how to communicate with the angels in such a way that you will get a more direct and immediate response to your personal requests for healing. Many participants report feeling literally “touched by an angel” during the temple experience, which in and of itself is an incredible feeling. And the testimonials we have received over the years of the results of healing and transformation that have occurred in people’s lives after their participation in the Raphael Healing Temple are always moving. Miracles can happen! Maybe not overnight, but with divine timing and orchestration by the angels to set forces in motion and guide your path to fulfilling your healing request, so much more becomes possible through this process

As initiates of the mystery school, we learn how to call in help from the spiritual realms. Anytime you need support with healing for yourself or others, then call in Archangel Raphael and state your request. It works! And the angels are waiting for us to call upon and invite their support.

What makes the Raphael Healing Temple even more powerful is that a holy and special energetic structure is activated in the space, the veils are opened by an advanced Ritual Master, and the Archangels are called in to directly work with us. In addition, the group setting creates an amplified field from multiple people coming together in one space, with open hearts, to commune with Spirit and pray for healing. If you are really ready to experience a shift, and to call greater healing and transformation into your life as well as to pray for others in an amplified way, then join us for the Raphael Healing Temple.