How is Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Different From Orthodox Kabbalah

BY Theresa Bullard & Verla Wade

While traditionally associated with Jewish mysticism, Kabbalah has a rich history and has been studied from many perspectives including Jewish, Christian, Egyptian, Gnostic, Sufi, Hermetic, Universal, and many others. The Universal perspective is a pure system of inner discovery and practical experience that utilizes all aspects of the Kabbalah without being tied to any particular religious affiliation or orthodox dogmas. This Universal form is the Kabbalah that we teach, in accordance with the lineage and techniques handed down through the Modern Mystery School, one of the seven ancient mystery schools on the planet.

Kabbalah in its most core essence is based on universal patterns of creation, as well as the process of how we may “ask and receive” from a foundation of deeper understanding.

Truly it is of divine origins, devised by Source as a pattern for creating all things in this Universe, including us. Thus in its Universal form, it extends back beyond the dawn of human thought and predates any of the world’s religions. While heavily developed as an oral mystical tradition and vast system of thought by ancient Jewish mystics, it has continued to expand and develop as human consciousness has evolved, influencing and being influenced by every golden age in the evolution of the world. Throughout it’s venerable life span the Kabbalah has remained adaptable to contemporary thought and compatible with western lifestyles, earning it the title of “The Ancient Yoga of the West”. Like Yoga, it’s ultimate goal is Union.

Historically, in order to study the Kabbalah in the orthodox tradition it was required that one be male, over 40 years old, well-versed in the Torah, a stable life with family and a steady job, and so on. In the Orthodox Kabbalah there is much focus on the science of “Gematria” (discovering hidden connections and meanings between words via their numerological value), Decoding the Torah, Intellectual/Philosophical Exploration, Studying the Zohar, Contemplating God’s Creation, Restoration of the Soul by becoming the “Adam Kadmon” and thereby reuniting the “Shekinah” with the Creator.

Many of these things can be addressed through the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah as well, although we do so in a fashion that is free of any specific religious focus. However, the main focus in the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah system is that of energetically and experientially ascending the Tree of Life. This process is one of spiritual and personal Alchemy that transforms our lives into a more pure manifestation of our full potential and true self. It culminates in an experience of what is known as “Crossing the Abyss” which grants one access to a spiritual vision of Union with the Divine. In a sense, the Abyss represents everything that keeps us feeling separate and isolated from God/dess. Crossing the Abyss helps us to remove the veils of perceived separation and return to a sense of wholeness and completion. Doing so helps us to come into more full conscious awareness and direct knowing of the divine essence within us. Such self-awareness and re-awakening can truly revolutionize our entire approach to life in the physical.

We believe that we have never been separated from God/dess, other than by the veils of our own perception. The Supernal Divine Realm is already a part of our being.

Given that an aspect of our being has never truly separated from God/dess, we offer through what is known as the “Secret Kabbalah” a method for healing the division in our mind and soul. This process can take place in an instant, or it may require several rounds of ascending the Tree of Life, depending on the individual and their readiness to empty themselves and embrace the Oneness of All That Is. Without a doubt, though, the system of Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah and the process of ascending the Tree of Life through methods of spiritual Alchemy is a truly Transformative Journey.