universal kabbalah freedom and transformation

The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah – A Path of Personal Freedom & Transformation: Part III

BY Verla Wade

How many times have you asked for change in your life, wanting a situation or a person to change so that circumstances would become easier?

And yet, we really cannot affect change in another, only in ourselves. So the solution seems to be to change ourselves, or at least to change how we react.

How often have you wished that you were different, or that you could respond differently in a situation? That desire to change – to have or affect change in your life – is the first step to transformation. As we focus on ourselves with honesty and compassion and our role in the circumstances of our life, we move into the science of empowerment. In other words, we begin to free ourselves so that we can rise, expand, and transcend the drama of the human condition.

What is the drama of the human condition? All the aspects of the negative ego, all the behaviors, thought patterns, and actions that block our ability to receive and flow the light. Our culture has stifled our spiritual needs in the name of progress. We have forgotten that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and our souls have become imprisoned.

And yet, in a brief quiet moment, perhaps between phone calls, in the shower, or just before falling asleep, we know that there is something more. A voice (that for many of us is becoming more and more insistent) is asking, Is this all I was made for? Why is this life not enough? What am I really here to do?

We are born into duality and for the most part, the educational system ignores our spiritual nature. We are taught to exercise the muscles of the mind, and to ignore our senses. After years of following the prescribed patterns of success, climbing the ladders, investing in materialism for happiness, we are waking up knowing that there has to be more – that this is not all there is. And we start searching. We seem to have lost the real instruction manual for life!

For thousands of years, the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah has provided a pathway for freeing the soul and transforming people’s lives. It provides a workable, step by step curriculum for transformation. Pieces of this can be found in many places, but it has never been published in one work. To this day it remains a tradition that is handed down orally from teacher to student.

The entirety cannot be given in book format, because each person has their own unique integration and healing on the path.

The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah provides a system for recovering our true empowerment, freedom, and divinity. The Tree of Life provides the ladder, or map of understanding and attainment. It shows the structure, dynamics, and function of the universe, as well as offers us the opportunity to awaken and overcome the obstacles in our lives; freeing us to be our authentic selves. It does this by bringing the unconscious to consciousness, thereby opening us to higher levels of awareness. As we become more aware, we can connect with and harness levels of universal energies, and direct them to achieve fulfillment, purpose, and enlightenment. In other words, the Kabalistic system show shows us how to ascend, achieve contact with the Divine, and bring\“heaven” down to earth, living divinely, fulfilling our destiny.

The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah teaches us how to open to the universal energies, thereby harnessing and directing them in our daily lives, so that we are more in the flow. The result is that we begin to experience more true joy, deep inner peace, and the passion to fulfill our unique destiny (life purpose).

If you are seeking inner renewal, a new way of being in your world, fulfillment of your destiny, or more flow in your life – freedom and transformation at some level of your life – I invite you to explore the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah.