The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah – The Original Illumination: Part I

BY Verla Wade

The Kabbalah (also spelled Qabalah or Cabala) is an ancient mystical tradition, which is most commonly credited to the Hebrews. The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah, on the other hand has been passed down orally through the mystery school tradition since the beginning of time, and it is free of all religious dogma. As with all mystical traditions, the purpose of the Kabbalah itself is to provide humankind with an experience of God, as well as a Path of Return.

The word itself, KBL, means “to receive.” A key feature of the Kabbalah is a glyph (or map) called the Tree of Life. Images of the Tree date back to 1300 BC and can be found among the Phoenician archives. Use of the Kabbalah became popular from AD 600-1400. Among the users were Hebrew, Christian, and occult Kabbalists.

From AD 1500-1900, the Kabbalah experienced a decline in interest as scientific studies came to the forefront and religious beliefs were limited. However, around the turn of the century, a time when the energies of the Aquarian Age began to be felt, the Kabbalah experienced a revival, with many of its documents translated into English for the first time.

Kabbalah has re-surfaced many times throughout history and has influenced every Golden Age in the evolution of humanity. So what might that tell us about its most recent revival in the new millennium? Perhaps we are on the verge of the next Golden Age!

In the Kabbalah, the unknowable aspect of God is referred to as the En Soph. En Soph is an endless, boundless being that cannot be comprehended and precedes our creation.

The universe is the garment in which En Soph manifests itself. The garment is called the Sephiroth. These are the vessels that act as the medium between the En Soph and humans, or physicality. There are ten in number. The Sephiroth are referred to as intelligences, radiations, emanations, principles, and powers, and are each an aspect of God. In their totality, they are called the Sephiroth on Tree of Life. This glyph composed of the ten Sephiroth is central to modern Kabalistic thought.

The Origin.

The story involving the origin of Kabbalah is that it was a secret science taught by God to a select company of angels, before the creation of the universe. After Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, the angels gave it to them so humans would never be without a map to return Home. From Adam it passed to Noah, and then to Abraham, who passed it on to Isaac and Jacob, which is how it came to Egypt. While in Egypt, portions of the Kabbalistic doctrine emerged, and thus the Egyptians obtained some knowledge of it. As a result, the other eastern nations began to introduce it into their philosophical systems. Moses was first initiated into Kabbalah in the land of his birth, and then educated in all the wisdom of Egypt, used the wisdom of Kabbalah proficiently to solve the difficulties which arose during his management of the Israelites during their 40 years in the desert. When Moses spent the 40 days and nights on Mount Sinai, he most likely received much more than the 10 Commandments! In fact he was instructed to share the secrets only with his brother Aaron and the future High Priests of the Hebrews. And thus, the mystical secrets of the Kabbalah were retained for 100’s of years. It is said that Moses also initiated 70 elders into the secrets of this doctrine, who transmitted these mysteries through the oral tradition. Of all who formed this unbroken line of tradition, King David and King Solomon were most initiated into the Kabbalah.

Kabbalah has always been a system that explains the entire universe and its formation as well as the individual. In fact most recently, it has been aptly termed an Instruction Manual for Life. Kabbalah teaches us how to become a co-creator with God, in our own lives, helping us awaken our inner power to change the world we live in. In doing this, we achieve our full potential so that we can create Heaven on Earth – a central theme in the Kabalistic teachings.

The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah is often referred to as the “yoga of the West”. This refers to the fact that it is particularly well-suited to bring illumination to the westerner’s mind (who finds it difficult to go into a state of “no mind” or “empty mind”). In fact, it is the fastest way for westerners to achieve enlightenment, as it does not require one going off to a cave or monastery. Rather, it encourages being in the world and provides tools for working in that environment. We can be Spiritual in the world; in fact we are supposed to be.

One of the many ways that Kabbalah does this is that it appeases the rational mind, while it awakens intuition and creativity, which leads to greater whole-brain processing.

This results in a huge expansion of consciousness and awareness. As a result, our minds are organized (or re-organized) to become more efficient at processing the over 360,000 functions they monitor every minute!

The Tree of Life is the actual blueprint of who we are as humans.

When we know how to penetrate and read its hidden wisdom, the Tree is the glyph of our DNA, as well as the creation of the whole universe. As you work with the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah, integrating it into your life, the Tree starts to become awakened and alive within you, providing you with a map to both inner and outer treasures of self-knowledge and understanding on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. As a result you will learn how to ask the right questions and receive the answers to the most important questions of life:

  • Who Am I?
  • What Am I?
  • Where did I come from?
  • Where am I going?
  • What is my purpose in life?

The ancient oracle of Apollo at Delphi said Know Thyself, the same advice we find inscribed over key initiatory gates throughout the world. Most people live their entire lives with only a fraction of this knowledge. The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah and the Tree of Life will reveal itself to you in such a way that you will know yourself on all levels. As a result you will become a co-creator of your life, having more of what is truly important to you – whatever it is – including more joy, happiness, clarity, fulfillment, abundance.